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We Are Still Closed But See Proposed Date Below!

On very rare occasions a club night may be cancelled but we will post updates as soon as any details are known.
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UPDATED: March 2021 (version2)

We’ve got the Green light!

Hi everyone, I hope you are all still safe and well. Latest Government guidelines appear to indicate gradual easing of lockdown restrictions during the spring months with a lifting of indoor social actives by mid May.

We’ve all got to be aware that there is still a very real chance that areas across the country will experience spikes of infection and the ‘R’ rate will increase, but hopefully not to the point of returning to the heavy restrictions we’ve all experienced these past 15 months!

As mentioned in my last update I aim to reopen Ashburton Fencing Club in early June if all things re Lockdown restrictions ease off and that we get a ‘go ahead’ from the TA Centre venue.

I am please to announce that the TA Centre has given us the ‘Green light’ to reopen and resume our fencing activities!

As from 6.00pm on Thursday 3rd. June 2021, Ashburton Fencing Club will be open once again.

Members are asked to be aware that Covid safety protocols and guidelines will still be enforced, in line with the TA Centre venue requirements and with British Fencing guidelines. So please read the required guidelines below.

This first term session will be classed as the SUMMER TERM and the subsequent terms following (Autumn and Winter), will continue throughout the remains of the year. An outline of the 10 week fencing term dates for 2021 are as follows:

Summer Term - Week 1: 3rd June to 5th August

Autumn Term - Week 1: 12th August to 14 October

Winter Term - Week 1: 21st October to *Week 8: 9th December. 

*The club will then close for three weeks during the Christmas break and will resume on Week 9: 6th January and Week 10: 13th January 2022.

At last I am able to give you all a positive update and look forward to seeing all again soon. Thank you for your continuing support. Stay safe and stay “En Garde!”



COVID-19 Risk assessment for Ashburton Fencing Club:

These observations and guidelines have been issued to all club members and new members to ensure that they aware of them prior to their arrival at the club.

Members and visitors are asked to bring with them the appropriate face mask, sanitiser wipes and/or gel.  Because of safety requirements anyone not adhering to this request will be refused entry.  This will not apply to those that have a medical condition that exempts them from wearing a face mask.

The COVID-19 officer for Ashburton Fencing Club is Mike Smith and there will be other designated monitors to ensure that the safety guidelines are adhered to for the safety of everyone attending a fencing session.

Any member who feels or shows symptoms of fatigue, fever and irritating coughs are asked to refrain from attending club sessions until they are cleared of the symptoms in compliance with the Covid-19 guidelines and the required Government restrictions. Please use basic common sense - if you don’t feel well ‘Stay at home!’

2.  Upon check-in all members will be required to undergo a temperature check using a non-contact monitor and to give contact details for Track & Trace.  Any persons with a temperature reading of 37.5 or higher will be asked to return home.  This also applies to any persons refusing to give contact details.

Safety is paramount!

3.  All members will be asked to wash hands and use sanitiser gel/spray/wipes upon ‘check-in’.

4.  Members will be allocated designated seating areas around the hall at a 2 metre distance from each seat. Members are asked to observe the social distancing required when not actively fencing.  This will not apply to members of the same family who will be able to be seated together.

5.  In good weather, members often fence outdoors in the parking area behind the building.  The same restrictions regarding social distancing will be observed outdoors.

6.  The changing rooms will be monitored with no more than 2-4 persons per change.

7.  The shower room can be used for 1-2 persons.

8.  Changing rooms and toilets will be accessed through a ‘one way system’ using the ‘entry’ door from the main hall to the ‘exit’ door near the toilets.

9. Fencing activity is restricted to groups of a maximum of six people from different households, as long as they remain 2 metres apart as far as possible.

We can have more than one group of six in a hall, providing we are able to maintain social distancing within the space available and the total number of people (including non-fencers) within the hall, does not exceed government and venue guidelines on use of indoor space.

Fencers can rotate within their group and social distancing must be maintained within this group where at all possible. You cannot move to another group(s) within an evening session.

Close quarter fencing is rarely used and members are asked to refrain from this tactic while we remain under special measures.

Bodily contact is strictly prohibited. 

Fleching/running attacks are not permitted at this time.

Participants should avoid any shouting/screaming, particularly during 1:1 activities.

As a normal part of club fencing, protective clothing, including a mask and glove, is worn. British Fencing guidelines state that all fencers are advised to wear a face mask under their fencing mask when actively fencing.

The traditional handshake at the conclusion of a match will be prohibited. A simple ‘sword salute’ is deemed appropriate.

10.  Access to the kitchen for water will be monitored with no more than 2 persons entering at a time.

11.  All club equipment will be sanitised - anti-bacterial spray for jackets and masks and anti-bacterial spray/wipes for sword handles and other equipment.  Where the club provides protective clothing, swords, or other equipment to members, the members will be loaned this clothing or equipment for their personal use only until the pandemic has finished.

12.  Before vacating the building all door handles, surfaces, taps and anything that has come into contact with members will be sanitised with anti-bacterial wipes.

13.  Our normal Thursday evening session is from 18:00 to 21:30.  Younger members tend to arrive and depart in the first part of the evening, older members tend to arrive later.  Although we may have approximately 20 members fencing in the course of an evening, it is very rare to have more than 10-15 present at one time.  The hall is large and it will be easily possible to maintain social distancing for a group this size.

14.  Younger members are sometimes brought to the hall by parents/guardians/visitors, who may stay until their child has finished fencing.  The same rules regarding masks, hand washing, social distancing, etc. will be applied to these parents/guardians/visitors. 

With your patience and understanding we hope we can overcome what seems like ‘Draconian measures’ during this time. But it’s for our own safety and has to conform with both the TA Centre venue operators and British Fencing Covid-19 directives and guidelines.


Dear Members,

Please be advised that in the current outbreak of Coronavirus all relevant advice, guidance and updates can be found on the website here; https://www.britishfencing.com/covid-19-advice-guidance/

Useful links

Please also check updates here;

Gov.uk; https://www.gov.uk/government/topical-events/coronavirus-covid-19-uk-government-response

NHS; https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/


Specific questions have been asked around the sharing and use of equipment such as masks, gloves and jackets. The cleaning and maintenance of all equipment should be common practice in clubs. We recommend that all clubs ensure that this is taking place in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions .

Most gloves can be washed in a washing machine and masks should be regularly wiped down, inside and out, either using cleaning wipes or using a clean cloth and a surface cleanser. Please check on the labelling that the cleanser/wipes are effective against both bacteria and viruses. Anyone now fencing on a regular basis who has not already done so may wish to consider purchasing their own fencing glove.


BF has temporarily suspended the requirement for fencers to shake hands at the end of the competitive bouts. It is recommended that clubs take similar action and simply retain the salute to mark the end of a bout or lesson.

It is also recommended that clubs ensure that there are appropriate hand washing facilities available for members, and encourage handwashing at the beginning and end of each session.


If you have new members expected or members returning from abroad please ensure that they are aware of the current guidelines around travelling and self-isolation; https://www.gov.uk/guidance/travel-advice-novel-coronavirus. You may wish to ask them to complete a short questionnaire to confirm they have not been to any category 1. country in the last 14 days or any recent exposure (see example here)

If you have any specific questions or issues please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Hannah Gavin

Development Officer - Clubs and Regions



Telephone Hannah Gavin

+44 (0) 208 742 3032

Telephone Hannah Gavin

+44 (0)7736 451654

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