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Dates We Are Closed In 2024/25

August 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
December 19, 26
January 2, 9 2025

On very rare occasions a club night may be cancelled (Boo! Hiss! etc.) but we will update this page as soon as any details are known.


Well, another relatively safe year in general is coming to an end in regards to COVID infections, though complacency must always be avoided. Safety precautions and common sense should always prevail in maintaining a healthy environment for everyone.
This year, the fencing club has enjoyed a substantial intake of new members interested and eager to learn and play the sport. This can only be attributed to our existing supportive members who actively engage and encourage newcomers to discover and learn about fencing, and more importantly enjoy the active and social interaction the club offers. We have also had to bid a sad farewell to a few friends who have moved away, but have promised to visit if they pass our way at any time.


Hi everyone, as always I hope all is well and safe with you and your families.

We are now experiencing a more relaxed approach to social interaction and activities in general, but we must 'not lower our guard' and become complacent.

With this in mind I ask all members and visitors to please be aware of the safety precautions we have endeavoured to maintain while at the fencing club.

"Stay safe, stay EN GUARD" has always been our catch phrase and so we should continue to safeguard ourselves and others for the future.

We are experiencing a good attendance with many new and young participants discovering the 'fun of fencing!' and all this is down to you, our members and supporters of our club.

Your common sense, consideration and support helped maintain a friendly, safe and fun environment for all... visitors and fencers alike!

Thank you. Enjoy and Parry On!


Risk assessment for Ashburton Fencing Club:

The Risk Assessment officer for Ashburton Fencing Club is Mike Smith and there will be other designated monitors to ensure that the safety guidelines are adhered to for the safety of everyone attending a fencing session.

These observations and guidelines have been issued to all club members and new members to ensure that they aware of them prior to their arrival at the club.

1.  Any member who feels or shows symptoms of fatigue, fever and irritating coughs are asked to refrain from attending club sessions until they are cleared of the symptoms in compliance with the Covid-19 guidelines.
Please use basic common sense - if you don’t feel well ‘Stay at home!’

2.  All members are encouraged to wash hands and use sanitiser gel/spray/wipes.

3.  The discipline of fencing requires 2 combatants to fight with a starting distance of 4 metres. Close quarter fencing is rarely used and members are asked to refrain from this tactic at present. Bodily contact is strictly prohibited.  As a normal part of club fencing, protective clothing, including a mask and glove, is worn.

4. All club equipment will be sanitised - anti-bacterial spray for jackets and masks and anti-bacterial spray/wipes for sword handles and other equipment.  Where the club provides protective clothing, swords, or other equipment to members, the members will keep this clothing or equipment for their personal use only until they no longer attend the club.

5. Younger members are sometimes brought to the hall by a parent who may stay until their child has finished fencing.  The same rules regarding sanitising hands apply to the parents.

6. All new members and fencing visitors will be required to provide their address and telephone number for contact purposes.  Non-fencing visitors will provide name and telephone number.


See http://scfu.homestead.com/Events_Calendar.html for further details





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