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      Q1: What do I need to know?

            Q2. What do I bring?

                  Q3. What will it cost?

                        Q4. What do I wear?


Q1 Answer:
At this stage - just where we are and when we meet!
Fencing at our club takes place at the Territorial Army Centre, Sydenham Road, Croydon on Thursday evenings from 6:00pm to 9:30pm.
Okay, so the club opens at 6:00pm but you can't get there at that time...  We know you've got things to do when you get home after a hard day...  So, when you've had your cuppa and a bite to eat, done your homework (no excuses!), taken the dog for a walk and got your gear together - then come along, even if it's a little later.
A note for beginners:  We don't hold lessons at set times but tuition is included in the fee and is provided at any time during the evening. There are also plenty of members willing to give you help and further information on the sport.

Q2 Answer:
All you need to bring is a t-shirt, trainers and track-suit bottoms (preferably with zipped pockets).  Please, please, please don't arrive in shorts, torn jeans or combat trousers with 101 pockets up and down the leg!   We know it may be fashionable but it's purely for safety reasons - if you do arrive dressed in the above, please make sure you bring along some track-suit bottoms to change into.

Q3 Answer:
Having a good time and enjoying our company is absolutely FREE! - however, the fee to use the club facilities and fence etc. is £50.00 for a block ten week term which works out at only £5.00 an evening. A casual evenings fencing is offered at £6.00 - subject to availability of kit.

Q4 Answer:
You don't need any fencing kit as we provide it for you, but to give you an idea of what you could look like, see the pictures below…


Hmmm.….not quite what we have in mind...   A little over theatrical don't you think?   That's more like it! - ready for action.!   Err… wrong - but come along anyway!


In time, you may want to have your own kit.  A basic kit consists of a mask, jacket, plastron, glove and sword - this is all you need to begin with.



If you're fortunate to obtain these items second-hand and in good order, so much the better!
Ensure you buy Level 1 (350N) or Level 2 (800N) especially for masks and plastrons.
Fencing kit, if it is well maintained, should last for a good number of years!




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