Films and questions connected with swordplay. How many do you know?


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In fencing terminology, what is a Coquille?

A) The elastic band behind the mask.
B) The low target area between the thighs.
C) The guard of an epee.
D) The "fowl-like" sounds made when attacking an opponent.




Name the two actors and the film?



A) The fencing line is the line that divides the length
of the piste in half.                                                         True or False?

B) A cut to the thigh when fighting in sabre is a valid hit.       True or False?

C) Saluting your opponent at 'match point' is part of
fencing etiquette.                                                           True or False?

D) In epee, a hit made simultaneously by both fencers
are cancelled out as non-valid.                                          True or False?

E) A martingale is only found on a foil weapon.                     True or False?



Name the actor and name the film?



What does 'absence of blade' mean?

A) Fencers practice with their hands and not with swords.
B) One fencer must fight without a sword during a bout.
C) A sword is knocked out of a fencers hand during a bout.
D) To begin fencing with swords not in contact with each other.



Name the actor and the film?



"So what kind of combat training do you have?"



Who is the actor and name the film?



"Even with my eyes wide open I can't see a thing."



Name the actors and the film?



Too easy? Too hard? Couldn't care less?.the Owl has the scores!




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