Now wasn't that exciting! (YAWN!)

Bet you can't wait to see how well you did? (Even bigger YAWN!)

Well maybe some of you got your grey matter working...




What a smart ar...alec! Come along and tell us more!


Not bad, did you get (A) more film or (B) more fencing answers right?  ...if (A) come along and learn how to fence  ...if (B) learn how to fence better!


So you know nothing about fencing and you don't watch films?!... but stick with us kiddo and in no time you'll have the skills of an Olympic fencer and the knowledge of a movie mogul!
...O.K. so we fib (a little)..  You may never get gold medals for Britain or become the toast of Cannes and Hollywood, but you can have a great time trying!


Would you like some more questions? (Oh Noooooo!)

... well we haven't got any more at the moment (Hooray!)

But if you come back again soon (give it a few weeks) we'll have some more quiz questions for you lucky people to answer - so contain your bubbling anticipation 'till then!




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